[EN][Web Offer] register and renew .gr & .el domains

Tech collective “Stin Priza” is an official registrar for .gr & .ελ domain names (EETT registrar number : 13-016).

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Web offer .gr / .ελ domains :

Starting on 15/11/2021, until the end of 2021, Stin Priza coop offers a special price for registering .gr & .ελ domains. Offer also includes transferring and renewing existing .gr or .ελ domains from other registrars. You can renew or register a .gr / .ελ domain for specific periods of time : 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 years.

Reduced price during this period, is 18,55€ excl. VAT 24% (23€, including VAT 24%) for 2 year registration or renewal of a single domain. (Regular price : 20€ excl. VAT 24%.)

Notice: 24% VAT applies to all Greek VAT number holders, EU individuals and non-EU addresses.

In case you’re interested in registering a .gr or .ελ domain name with Stin Priza, please fill out the following form. For any questions/remarks about this offer, please contact us.

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    registered domain status

    Domain ownership is always yours, meaning you can transfer away anytime – no questions asked. Domain management/administration is performed by Stin Priza. So you contact Stin Priza for any changes regarding domain’s nameservers (DNS) and transfers to other registrars.

    other domain extensions (TLDs) ?

    Stin Priza can also register / transfer and renew, any other TLD (.com, .net, .org, .coop, etc). You can use the same domain registration form above, to register or transfer any domain to Stin Priza. Prices on these domain names vary per domain extension, so please contact us if you have questions on pricing for any other domain.

    additional web services

    interesting in more services for your domain(s)? plain dns hosting? full web hosting? email hosting? dnssec? send us a comment on the contact form to get information on additional services and/or combined offer for multiple services with Stin Priza.